Pedaliamo In Italia Terms and Conditions

The rental of products from our website (www.pedaliamoinitalia.it) is governed by these Pedaliamo In Italia Terms and Conditions. The rental is provided by BIKESPLUS SRL, with registered office in Via E. De Amicis 4 / D, Forlì 47121 (FC), registered with the Registro delle Imprese di Forlì-Cesena, tax code and VAT number 03765960400 (hereinafter “BIKESPLUS “).

The rental is guaranteed with online prepayment and acceptance of the rental conditions that are specified below.

Rental terms and conditions:

To obtain the rental of a bicycle and / or equipment, the lessee (customer) must present a valid identity document to the lessor (BikeSplus Srl), pay the amount before the rental, and formalize the contract. The rental is reserved for adults.

The lessor may refuse the rental of the bicycle to a person not deemed capable of riding it (pursuant to articles 186 and 187 of the Codice della Strada) or for other reasons and in any case at the sole discretion of the lessor.

At the time of delivery of the bicycle and / or equipment, the lessor and the lessee check the condition of the same. The lessee recognizes it as mechanically sound, declaring to accept the conditions of the bicycle and / or equipment by signing the rental agreement. On its return, the condition of the bicycle / equipment will be checked again and in the event of damage the lessee will be required to pay the damages as outlined below.

The bicycle and / or equipment are to be used exclusively as a means of transport and to be treated with care, common sense, and diligence. The lessee must use the vehicle in such a way as to avoid damage to it and its accessories. The use of the bicycle and / or equipment requires the physical fitness and technical expertise of those who intend to ride it. Therefore, the lessee, by renting the bicycle and / or the equipment, declares to be equipped with adequate capacity and appropriate competence without any reservations.

It is forbidden to use the bicycle and / or equipment to carry out commercial activities and it is not possible to transfer it for use to other parties, unless otherwise agreed.

The lessee must comply with the rules of the traffic laws, rules that he declares to know. The lessor declines all responsibility in case of improper use of the vehicle and failure to comply with the rules of the traffic laws. The lessor reminds that the lessee does not have any form of insurance during the rental.

Any event, damage or injury resulting from the circulation and use of the bicycle and / or equipment is attributable to the operator alone. The lessee is therefore responsible for damage caused during the use of the equipment to people (himself or third parties) and things, including bicycles and / or equipment. The lessor cannot be asked for any form of compensation.

In the event of damage and / or breakages caused to the rented equipment, the lessee must pay for the damage caused, which are quantified by the lessor at the time of return of the vehicle. In this case, the lessee authorizes the debit of the credit card given as guarantee.

The bicycle and / or equipment must be returned in compliance with the times and in the agreed place for recovery. In the event that the customer does not respect the return times as agreed on the rental contract, a penalty of € 10 will be applied if the delay is less than 30 minutes or an amount equivalent to the half-day rental if the delay exceeds 30 minutes later, paid upon delivery of the vehicle. Failure to return the bicycle without prior communication or in any case not motivated by exceptional cases, will be considered as a theft and therefore reported to the Judicial Authority.

The lessee authorizes the debit of the credit card left as guarantee (on which no amount will be held blocked or debited in advance) in the event of theft or damage for the amount listed in the price list below. In some cases of rental for events, the lessee may be required to provide an identity document which will be retained during the rental hours. In the event of theft, the lessee agrees to go to the authorities to report the theft.

In the event of events with a fixed rental point: the customer with a non-functioning bicycle and / or equipment can change his vehicle with another one that works at the rental point or, in the event of lack of availability, the full amount of the rental will be refunded.
The rental contract does not provide for the recovery of the equipment, nor for people. The lessee may ask the lessor for assistance to recover the bicycle, the cost of which is indicated in the price list; the lessor is not required to assist, therefore failure to assist cannot be a cause of default. It is in the lessor’s interest to return the equipment and only temporary contingencies can make the recovery impossible.

The signing of the rental agreement by the lessee presupposes the knowledge and unconditional acceptance of this regulation, of the aforementioned laws, rates, opening and closing times of the rental service.

For any dispute arising from the relationships governed by these general rental conditions, the place of residence or headquarters of the lessor, or that of the place where the company is based, is competent.


  • Flat tire (bike returned to the lessor): € 6.00
  • Loss of padlock keys: € 10.00
  • Loss of ebike lock keys: € 40.00
  • Kickstand or mudguards: € 30.00
  • Anti-theft chain: € 20.00
  • Saddle: € 50.00
  • Repair service with shifter cable replacement: € 8.00
  • Repair service with brake cable replacement: € 8.00
  • E-Bike battery including charger: € 500.00
  • Repair kit: € 10.00
  • Inner tube beyond normal use: € 4.00
  • Helmet: € 12.00

Theft or ruined equipment
Aluminum road or trekking bicycles: € 800

  • Titanium road or trekking bikes: € 1500
  • E-bike (trekking or E-MTB): € 2500
  • Child or cargo trailers: € 400
  • GPS: € 400

The lessor undertakes to respect the agreed time and place of delivery and collection. The lessee acknowledges that force majeure or other extraordinary circumstances (e.g. an unusually high flow of traffic along the route) could cause a delay. Evaluating the suitability of the agreed place for delivery is the responsibility of the lessee. In the event that the agreed place for delivery (or collection) should prove difficult to reach with the van used for this service, the lessee is requested to find a suitable alternative. The lessor is therefore not to be held responsible for any delays and extra costs arising due to the change of the meeting place with the lessee.

Payment / Cancellation
Advance payments *:
A deposit of 25% of the total amount is required if the rental has a total cost of more than 150 euros; final payment is required 14 days prior to rental. For rentals of less than 150 euros, payment must be made in a single payment at the time of booking.
Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit card.
For those who pay by bank transfer, a credit card is still required as a guarantee (prepaid or rechargeable cards are not accepted) *. A pre-authorization will be made from the card in case a charge for damage or theft is required but will NOT be blocked or withdrawn before the rental.
* for some daily events, it will be possible to pay on the spot if there are bicycles available without reservation. In this case, a credit card will not be requested as a guarantee but the identity card will be kept for the duration of the half-day or one-day rental as a guarantee.
The rental price includes: padlock, pump and saddlebag (with an inner tube, levers and repair kit). It also includes assistance only in the event of equipment breakage and only for events caused by equipment malfunction.

The cost does not include: water bottle, helmet and map holder (supplied on request) or Theft / Damage and / or Accident Insurance.

  • Any damage suffered by the bicycle and / or caused by the lessee will therefore be compensated to the lessor; in case of theft – after having provided the report issued by the competent authorities, the lessee will be fully responsible for the value of the stolen vehicle as per the price list above.
  • Assistance for puncturing or breaking of the vehicle due to negligence or accident of the driver is also not included. (If requested and granted, the call will cost € 100, in addition to expenses related to the location of the intervention and the damage caused.)
Cancellation penalties of two or more days:
Cancellations must be communicated by e-mail or in any case in writing and with confirmation of receipt.
If due to new or ongoing COVID-19 travel alerts, cancellations are possible in this way:
  • up to 4 days before the start of the rental, the customer can choose between:
    • a voucher, usable until 31 December 2021, for an amount equal to 100% of the amount paid
    • a refund of 50% of the amount;
  • from 0 to 3 days before the rental, the customer can choose between:
    • a voucher equal to 75% of the amount, which can be used until 31 December 2021
    • a refund of 50% of the amount.

If due to other reasons, the following cancellation conditions will apply for rentals of two or more days:

  • up to 15 days before the start of the rental, full reimbursement minus an administrative expense equal to the greater amount between 25 euros and 10% of the amount already paid
  • from 14-4 days before the rental: 50% refund, with a minimum administrative cost of 25 euros
  • from 3-0 days before the rental: no refund possible
  • refunds are not possible after the rental has started
Cancellation fees for half-day or one-day events or rentals:
In case of bad weather for half-day or one-day rental events the following conditions apply:
  • if the event organizer postpones the event, the rental will be automatically transferred to the date of the new event
  • if the event is not postponed but canceled, the lessee will have access to a voucher equal to the payment made, to be used by 31 December 2020. NB: the rental prices for events do not necessarily correspond to the prices of other rentals or services offered by BikesPlus Srl. In the event that the new booked service has a higher cost than the canceled one, the voucher can be applied as a partial payment of the new rental.
BikesPlus Srl reserves the right to cancel a rental before departure for any reason, issuing a full refund to the renter if the cancellation is not due to force majeure. For cancellations due to force majeure, or an extraordinary and unpredictable objective event, beyond the control of the lessor and of such force as to make it impossible to fulfill the rental agreement, no refund will be provided, but, if possible, we will try to issue vouchers for future services.
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